Women's Retreat Update

We understand that plans may change unexpectedly, and we have had a couple of ladies inform us that they won’t be able to make it, and we do understand. But that still leaves about a dozen ladies short.  All this to say, Please send in your deposit of $80 by this coming Sunday August 7th. You can put your payment in an envelope marked for Womens Retreat 2022 into the offering box. (please do not hand it to Ruth  or Michelle)  The remaining balance will be due on Sunday August 28th.

2) We understand that there may be some women who would like to attend, but cost may be holding them back. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO STOP YOU!!!!! If you are in this position, Please speak with Jennifer or Ruth privately and we will make it work. We want you to come!!!!!

3) if you did not put your name on the interest sheet, but would like to come to the retreat, please put a deposit in the offering box with your name and you will be added to the count.

4) If you would like to bless another woman with a scholarship, or contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact Ruth or Jennifer privately, or send in a check to the office, with specific instructions for the Women’s Retreat Scholarship. 

Finally, everyone who is going to the retreat, next week we will be emailing a link for you to register with Wolf Mountain so keep an eye out!

We love you all and are so excited to organize this retreat for you!

Ruth and Jennifer