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Enemies of Prayer

Why do we sometimes not pray? You find yourself having gone days or even weeks without prayer. Though you are a Christian, you neglect this most basic discipline of the faith. Why? I can think of a few reasons: 1. Disappointment with God God has perhaps disappointed you at some point in the past. That […]

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Habits of Hope

We’ve been at this lockdown thing since St. Patrick’s Day – enough time to drop old habits, and pick up new ones. I therefore invite you to begin assessing the habits in your life, and make wise plans for exiting the lockdown with the right ones.  How do we determine if a habit is “right”? 

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Beholding the Giver

God is intent on doing deep, sweet work in us, when we pray – beyond just the thing we pray for. He is out to produce in us humility. This is a hard word for some, but it wasn’t for Jonathan Edwards, who said that the pleasures of humility are some of the most refined,

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Moving Forward Together

We all come to the coronavirus situation with preconceived notions of what is best; ideas and political leanings established in the past, by our upbringing, experiences, jobs and training, etc. And not all of our notions will agree with one another’s. Thus we have sought from the beginning to keep one finger on God’s “preconceived

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What’s “Essential”

In order to effect the lockdown, many governments have categorized types of works as either “essential” or “non-essential”. This is because most governments, for a variety of reasons, have not quarantined only those who are ill or exposed, but everyone. This differs from the historic and Scriptural versions of quarantine (Lev. 13:45-46; 14:33-53). But my point

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Praying as Exiles

Under normal times, governing officials have a great influence on our lives. Governance by elected and unelected officials affects us in many ways. But these days, during this lockdown, we feel government’s hand much more strongly. Some are thankful; some question it. How to respond? Always, no matter the circumstance, we need to connect our

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