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Silly Facebook

In this week’s newsletter, Michelle Murray has posted a note about social media, and asks for your help. I thought I would mention three further thoughts on that. First, Facebook is a private company, that has developed a power to sway communications in our country, to an unprecedented degree. And this week, we learned (from […]

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Tell It Not on Facebook

A detail in 2 Samuel 1 instructs us well in our over-heated cultural moment. Since David’s anointing as king, forces supporting Saul and David have fought. Saul dies, and then a messenger informs David.  David mourns Saul, for Saul was “the Lord’s anointed” (1:14). God had anointed Saul – therefore God’s honor is diminished.  Therefore,

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Coronavirus and the Gospel

Yesterday Sacramento County shifted its strategy of dealing with the spreading coronavirus, from one of containment to one of management. Essentially, they advise: if you have coronavirus, limit your social contact. If you do not have it, but have been exposed to someone who does have it, then take precautions – see below, and see the

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What Creates Love

Sometimes love drives faith and hope – our church has had “Love” as the first word in our mission statement. This is not wrong. But there are plenty of times in life when we should not assume we have the requisite love for some action. Often there is something upstream from love that we currently

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