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Christmas joy

Christmas as Training for Joy

Christmas 2022 is here and gone – although my family tree is still up, and the Lutherans would tell us we’ve still got a week to go. The weather is soggy, and January lies before us.  But our post-Christmas outlook need not, and in fact must not go the way of dreary. Because the holy-days …

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California’s Carnival of Carnage

“The apostles turned the world upside down. They did so without any help from it.” —John MacArthur Introduction California has entered a new age of barbarism – actually a very old one. Just down the road from me in our state’s capitol, Assembly Bill #2223 passed the assembly almost unanimously, which permits women to commit infanticide. You read …

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THe Familiar Voice of Depression

Of course it is wrong and destructive to tell your fellow brother or sister that they are disobeying God, in their experiencing depression. “Just get up, read this verse, believe it, and move on in your life!” No, don’t do that. Change, in the really important stuff, rarely happens by the “read this verse, and …

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R.I.P., Beverly Morton

In celebrating Bev’s life today, we must at the same time celebrate the grace of God that gave her life. The grace that is indeed her life now. Because, that grace shown in her life. And because the fact is that 10,000 years from now, what will be most important about Beverly Morton is not …

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After the Chicken Lays the Egg

Our republic chicken has laid its electoral egg. The question remains of what will appear once it’s cracked. We fear the taste of the breakfast that will be put before us soon, and the racket in the kitchen. As we wait for whatever the short-order legal cooks will bring out (and to put this strung-out …

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Fighting Anxiety in Pandemic

I have said, since I arrived here, that the “main thing” is threefold: Word, prayer and fellowship. This is because they are means to God’s sovereignly-appointed and happily-given grace, His gifts. They are the way God gives us Himself, in His Son, by His Spirit, until we see Him face to face.  And now, one …

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Holding Dueling Truths

One of Christianity’s requirements, and one of its gifts to the world, is the ability to hold two seemingly irreconcilable truths at the same time. For instance, we hold that God is sovereign, and man is culpable, for his actions. The word for this is antinomy. The greatest antinomy is Jesus, who was both all God and …

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