The Purpose Behind the “Exhortation”

exhort | iɡˈzôrt, eɡˈzôrt |verb (with object and infinitive): strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something: (with direct speech) : “Come on, you guys,” exhorted Linda | the media have been exhorting people to turn out for the demonstration. Recently we began experimenting with an “exhortation” in our worship services. The elders have decided to stick with …

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THe Familiar Voice of Depression

Of course it is wrong and destructive to tell your fellow brother or sister that they are disobeying God, in their experiencing depression. “Just get up, read this verse, believe it, and move on in your life!” No, don’t do that. Change, in the really important stuff, rarely happens by the “read this verse, and …

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Habits of Hope

We’ve been at this lockdown thing since St. Patrick’s Day – enough time to drop old habits, and pick up new ones. I therefore invite you to begin assessing the habits in your life, and make wise plans for exiting the lockdown with the right ones.  How do we determine if a habit is “right”?  …

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