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California’s Carnival of Carnage

“The apostles turned the world upside down. They did so without any help from it.” —John MacArthur Introduction California has entered a new age of barbarism – actually a very old one. Just down the road from me in our state’s capitol, Assembly Bill #2223 passed the assembly almost unanimously, which permits women to commit infanticide. You read …

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This Is Where the COVID Lockdown Goes

Introduction For the most part, our church and the Church have been submissive and compliant regarding the government COVID lockdown. You, we, have done well, and are to be commended for our sometimes-difficult submission to the governing authorities Christ has appointed for us. And we may see restrictions further lifted soon. This is good news.  …

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The Holy Kind of Slipperiness

Persons in power should be very careful how they deal with a man who cares nothing for sensual pleasure, nothing for riches, nothing for comfort or praise, or promotion, but is simply determined to do what he believes to be right. He is a dangerous and uncomfortable enemy, because his body which you can always …

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MacArthur Goes to Court

You may have heard that Grace Community Church (GCC), pastored by John MacArthur, has disregarded the government’s lockdown orders. And you may remember that I disagreed with one basic foundation of their decision, in my video on civil disobedience. That disagreement still stands. And yet: We can have charity with each other, to disagree while …

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Moving Forward Together

We all come to the coronavirus situation with preconceived notions of what is best; ideas and political leanings established in the past, by our upbringing, experiences, jobs and training, etc. And not all of our notions will agree with one another’s. Thus we have sought from the beginning to keep one finger on God’s “preconceived …

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The Refuge That’s Merciful

David is hiding from Saul – from “storms of destruction”:    Psalm 57 1  Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,   for in you my soul takes refuge;   in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,   till the storms of destruction pass by.  2  I cry out to God Most …

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