Christmas joy

Christmas as Training for Joy

Christmas 2022 is here and gone – although my family tree is still up, and the Lutherans would tell us we’ve still got a week to go. The weather is soggy, and January lies before us.  But our post-Christmas outlook need not, and in fact must not go the way of dreary. Because the holy-days …

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How to Prepare for Sunday Worship

How to Prepare for Sunday Worship In the sports world, it’s said that you earn your starting spot in the offseason, by preparation. The same goes for Sunday worship. We gain the ability to benefit from Sunday by preparing on Saturday – and in fact, throughout the week. Here are three time-tested tips for preparing …

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Why Membership?

We are in the middle of our current membership class, and we are thankful that so many have taken the step to investigate and, Lord willing, pursue membership. It’s therefore a great time to consider church membership – is it a biblical thing? Why have it? 1. Because it pictures the blessed rule of Christ …

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Daddy, Do It Again

Introduction This past week we began a new facet of worship, one that is quite ancient among the people of God: having our children join us for Communion. I say that this is an ancient practice among the people of God, because of Exodus 12:25-27: Exodus 12:25–27 (ESV): 25 And when you come to the land …

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man wearing black face mask on park during daytime

The Singing Underneath Singing

Introduction It seems at every point during this COVID lockdown, we are learning something, about ourselves. As Cinderella wisely taught us in the 80’s, you don’t know what you got (till it’s gone). Or until it’s threatened: so often in Salt Lake City we heard Christians say “I’ve learned so much about the gospel since …

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