Grace Church has been asked to consider allowing a local congregation, Citizens Church, to use our sanctuary for their church service on Saturday afternoon. They were meeting in a Sacramento City community center but since COVID, they have been using the parking lot. We know what doing church out of storage boxes was like for over ten years, and we are so thankful for our worship center. Therefore, if possible, we would like to help brothers and sisters that are going through their “out of Egypt” experience to get them through the winter months.

As you can imagine, there have been theological, legal, and day-to-day operational questions that must be addressed in this “work in progress.” Conceptually, we feel those concerns can be resolved but want to know what our members felt, given this pandemic. Would people come to Grace Church if we share our facility? Last Sunday, after our service this subject was informally discussed to get a “feel” regarding this question.

In summary, no one would choose not to attend our Sunday services because of sharing the facility. Also, other names of people that do not attend now were suggested to survey. No one has expressed a reluctance to attend church because of sharing the facility.

Therefore, the Elder Board is moving forward in drafting a “use agreement” to document how to avoid risk, maintain security, cleanliness, COVID-19 protocols, and equipment. There are several “working group” to ensure the theological, legal, and operational questions are resolved. We hope to have a draft agreement by the first week of February.

If you have any questions, Please talk to an Elder, or Pastor Ryan, Robby, Don, or Dennis.