Remembering Dave Edmiston

Remember my Dad

I grew up idolizing my father. The farmer in him was always there, he taught me how to grow fruit and vegetables. When he quit farming, he usually had a big vegetable garden and I was often ‘helping.’ He made sure I could take care of myself. After I got my driver’s license, I wasn’t allowed to drive until I learned how to change a tire. He allowed and encouraged me to do the things that were unconventional for girls at that time, including softball, fishing, and woodworking.

I couldn’t begin to count the number of softball games my parents attended, sitting on those hard bleachers for hours. Or how many hours dad spent playing catch and throwing grounders to me. He took my brother and me fishing frequently. I loved most sports. Mom and Dad took us to baseball games and indulged my desire to watch sports on TV. Dad was an accomplished craftsman in his wood shop, encouraged me in that arena also.

One Christmas they gave me a gift certificate to a woodworking store to help equip my wood shop. He encouraged me to go to college and was very proud when I was accepted at his alma mater, U.C. Davis.

Most of all, I admire my father for practicing what he preached. He instilled integrity and honesty in my brother and me primarily by his actions. I always knew I was loved. Dad lived to serve God and did so all his life. He was often busy volunteering at the church and taught me how to give to those in need of help.

I love you Dad, you will always be in my heart.