Update, Saturday, April 18, 2020

Greetings, Grace Church! We continue to move forward in our decision process for moving to the new location just north of the church offices, which we have begun to call “Dino North”. Our next steps are

  • Poll
  • Vote
  • Lease Commencement & Move-In

Here are important details about each:


We would like everyone – members and regular attenders – to take the poll linked to below. Note: this is not an official vote; this is simply a way for the elders to understand our congregation well, before we take our official vote. This poll is open today (Saturday, April 18) until 8 am, next Saturday, April 25.

We ask you to take this poll because we are an “elder-led, congregational” church. The “congregational” part means, especially on decisions such as with property, the elders lead the congregation through the process, and yet, at the same time, the congregation must affirm the move and support it, in each way necessary. Therefore, the elders have desired throughout this process to understand you well, and for you to be well-informed.

Here is some pertinent information to prayerfully review beforehand:

Assuming level giving and level other expenses, the move will increase our rental expenses by approximately

  • $1,500 in 2020 (largely because the landlord is giving us 3 month of free rent in the lease), and
  • $50,000 in 2021.

This translates into needed, increased giving, on average, of

  • $5 per month, per “giving unit”, in 2020, and by
  • $84 per month, per “giving unit”, in 2021.

Again, this is “on average” – some perhaps cannot give this much, while others may want to give significantly more than this. We share this simply as a general “yardstick” of the increased financial commitment necessary.

We currently have cash reserves that we believe can well pay for property updates necessary for moving in.

Thanks for taking the poll!


We plan to begin congregational voting on May 3, finishing on May 10. There will be two different ways to vote: you may mail in a vote, or you may vote online, at this page. Either way, your votes will be counted by Don Wrightson and/or Jim Ring, and will otherwise be anonymous to the rest of church leadership.


Upon congregational affirmation, the lease would become effective June 1. This is contingent upon the government’s lifting the coronavirus lockdown.

Throughout this phase, please continue to join us in praying to the Father to lead us, provide for us, and protect us, that wherever we meet, the fame of His name would deepen within us, and grow through us, to the world

The Elders