Together in the Chaos

A word from an Elder…

Chaos is described as disorder or disarray.  Well, here we are in CHAOS. Our church is in a time of not able to “gather together.”  To the church it means a lot. Not seeing one another face to face or “in person fellowship.”  We are encouraged to spend time together to grow in faith through the testimony of one another.  We together will be sorely missed.

We shall miss one another but we are together “in spirit.”  We are the “Body of Christ.” During this season of being temporarily unable to come together it is important to intentionally choose to remind each other of “each other.”  Pastor Jed challenges us to pray for each person in our directory and if you realize that you need more info to pray for that person we have phone numbers and emails to contact the person we are trying to pray for to find out what to pray for. This may well change the way we pray.

We shall miss the raising of our voices together in worship together.  In my case it is raising a joyful noise but it is truly a pleasant experience for me.  Maybe there will be new ways to sing unto the Lord.  We shall miss ministering together in another person’s life and being “in it together” through testimony.  We shall miss sharing the giving our tithes together. We shall miss the corporate praying together for the ministry God directs us in.   But….

Praise be to God that technology has made it possible to join together through “streaming.” Pastor Jed and Ryan are working together to make it possible for you to join in worship via the internet this Sunday at 9:45AM from your home.  You will also be able to give your tithe via “online giving” right from home. You will be encouraged through staying in touch through email. So, in the midst of Chaos there is still a connection to “one another.”

Drop me a line at or phone me at 916- 995-2087.  We can pray together.

In the Chaos together,

Van Fleetwood