From Quarterly Letter to Church Family Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Grace,

Historically, Grace Church has sent out a letter each quarter that accompanies giving statements. That letter talks about what’s going on in the church, gives giving numbers, and encourages everyone in their faith. This letter has been useful, and appreciated.

But with God giving us this new space, we would like to take our communication regarding the church a step further. Beginning this quarter – next week! – we will have a quarterly Church Family Meeting. This meeting will be held during Cornerstone, on a Sunday evening. The goal of the meeting is to provide the same information that you currently receive in that quarterly letter, and more. It will give us a chance for two-way communication: we desire and expect that you, if you’re a member – and you should be! – to come and ask questions, and be involved.

The meeting goal is for the elders to inform, equip and lead the congregation in its God-given work and role in God’s household (Eph. 6:12). Thus, while we will do the business of our church in this meeting, it’s not a “business meeting”. It’s a “church family meeting.” It’s a spiritual meeting with shoe leather. Thus we will

  • bring in new members;
  • see out those who move on;
  • give reports on ministry initiatives;
  • give updates on finances;
  • talk about what’s coming in the future;
  • discuss theological and cultural challenges we are facing;
  • solicit input on questions we have;
  • and most of all, worship God and pray.

So if you are a member, we want and expect you to come! Be informed and be involved, as one of the priests in God’s household. It is a high calling, and a privileged one! And through us, may God build up His church into His Son, the Head.

For His Church,

Pastor Jed

[Note: you will receive another version of this by email, with standard quarterly financial information.]