Cornerstone - Every Sunday evening 5:00 -6:15 pm

Our new church family night is called “Cornerstone.” There’s something for everyone – even dinner!

Here’s the plan:
  – 5:00-5:30 pm Dinner together, as one, loud, enjoyable church family
  – 5:30-6:15 pm Prayer, Hymn-Singing, and Teaching

Parents have a choice for their children: volunteers will be available for fun activities, but parents are also encouraged to keep their kids with them for the prayer, hymns and teaching. It makes that time a little rowdier, but that’s OK. 

This is an important piece of our life together as a church: 
      – It’s the one time during the week when we can all get together and spend time as one, loud, joyous church family. I don’t mean “the families” of the church gathering, but everyone gathering – unmarried, married, married with kids, widows, kids – everyone! – as one family. 
      – We’ve scheduled it on Sunday, because we want to leave you free to “love God and do what you want” the rest of the week. 
      – It’s also the one time when we can receive teaching and discuss important issues of our day together, issues that we do not usually get to address on Sunday mornings.
      – It’s a great place to give other current and potential leaders the opportunity to teach the congregation from God’s Word, and to develop in this crucial practice.  
      – It will be our time slot for congregational meetings. 

If you’ve been in a church in the past that did Sunday evening “services” (probably a LONG time ago), this will probably not be what you remember. This will be more rowdy, probably louder, I hope more familial, and I trust, something that feeds you for true vitality in your soul. Thus I hope you see that your presence will be crucial. Teens can get to know you better, as you eat together. Potential leaders can grow further, as they interact with you in their teaching. Our congregational meetings will that much richer, with your input and questions. So we invite you to come, enjoy the family of God, and feed on Christ!

For You, His People,

Meet the Candidate Night

About 60 people attended our first “meet the candidate” opportunity on Sunday 10 April at 4:30pm.  Pastor Jed explained our purpose in inviting “people in high places”, hearing their priorities and learning how we can pray for them.  Mr. Pat Hume, Elk Grove City Councilman, is a District 5 County Supervisor candidate to replace Don Nottoli.  People expressed they felt the time spent was very informative and worthwhile.  Great questions were asked from all ages and stages.

Homeless Care Packs Packing Night

Cornerstone 1 (1)
Cornerstone 2
Cornerstone 3

Our 1st Block Party

On Aug. 15, 2021 we hosted our first Block Party. The heat moved us inside but didn’t dim our fun.

Plan to join us May 22
for our next Block Party

5 -8 pm