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A Prayer for the New Year

by Jed Brown
clouds during golden hour

It’s been quite a year, for all of us. And though it’s not quite over, I thought this old Puritan prayer, from The Valley of Vision was fitting for us right now: “O Lord, We launch our bark on the unknown waters of this year: With Thee, O Father as our harbour, Thee, O Son, at our […]

Deciding Whether to Gather for Thanksgiving

by Jed Brown

Note: After posting the article below, the Sacramento County Health Department made a comment similar in spirit to that of Sheriff Scott: “Sacramento County has continued to take an education over enforcement stance with the local public health order.” You can read that here: https://m.facebook.com/SacramentoCounty/posts/3446100245444038 In light of the Governor’s (now densely hypocritical) limiting of […]

Two Out of Three Is Half Bad: 2 Kings 9-10

by Jed Brown
gold crown with a cumulus clouds in the background

Games of Thrones The narrative of 2 Kings 9-10 is unmatched in our mob and “palace intrigue” movies. The writers of “The Godfather” and “Game of Thrones” needed only to read the succession stories of the kings of Israel for good material (and they probably did). So if it’s been a while since you’ve read […]

Thoughts on Our Approach to COVID and Government Orders

by Jed Brown
white textile on brown wooden table

It seems to me a good time to remind you or reiterate some of our thinking behind our responses to COVID and the government’s orders. From the beginning, our default approach to COVID has been to follow the County health authorities’ guidelines. At the same time, we have intentionally not made commands to the congregation, […]

I Decline, Madam Secretary

by Jed Brown
Be Your Revolution painted

Introduction I read that Hillary Clinton is concerned about what’s going on in the church, because so many young people are “leaving the church”. Here’s the quote: “Because a lot of people are leaving the church, a lot of young people are leaving the church in part because [of] the way they understand what Christianity […]

The Secret of Living in Humble Confidence

by Jed Brown
gray and black rocks

God is a tireless worker. Think of God as a worker in your life. Yes, it is amazing. We are prone to think of ourselves as workers in God’s life. But the Bible wants us first to be amazed that God is a worker in our lives: “From of old no one has heard or […]

The Vision of the Anointed

by Jed Brown

Note: Normally I limit my word count in this blog to what a half letter-size piece of paper would hold. This article, however, is “long form” – intentionally longer. I’m happy to discuss it in person with you.  Introduction I don’t know if Thomas Sowell is a Christian, but he is a keen observer of […]