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Coronavirus and the Gospel

by Jed Brown

Yesterday Sacramento County shifted its strategy of dealing with the spreading coronavirus, from one of containment to one of management. Essentially, they advise: if you have coronavirus, limit your social contact. If you do not have it, but have been exposed to someone who does have it, then take precautions – see below, and see the […]

The Main Thing

by Jed Brown

We can see our “main thing” from different angles: To the elders of Acts 6, “Prayer, and the ministry of the word” is the main thing. This is because PRAYER, the WORD and our FELLOWSHIP are means TO the main thing:  the receiving of grace, the undeserved GIFT of God, that is IN Christ Jesus. […]

Responding to the Intolerance of Tolerance

by Jed Brown

It has been well-documented by others that what’s called “tolerance” these days is actually a form of intolerance. (See D. A. Carson’s excellent book, “The Intolerance of Tolerance”.) The word “tolerance” has been highjacked by our culture and totally turned for a use completely antithetical to its definiton.  You see this in calls to accept […]

Up All Night, to Bear Good Fruit

by Jed Brown

Luke’s record of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Luke 12) – probably preached by the Lord in more than one more place and time – directs us helpfully, in our church’s present season.  First, we see the singular importance of prayer. Jesus prays all night – v. 12 – just before making the big decision of […]

Feedback Loops

by Jed Brown

This past Sunday, someone mentioned the importance of soliciting feedback in ministry. Yes! Our individual disciplines are important, but there is growth that comes only in community.  So then, developing godly “feedback loops” is crucial for Grace Church. What then, practically, do godly “feedback loops” look like? Humble. Yes, of course. But it’s always worth […]