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And God in Worship Is the Potter . . .

by Jed Brown
brown clay pot

[N]ot all sins are decisions. Because we tend to be intellectualists who assume that we are thinking things, we construe temptation and sin accordingly: we think temptation is an intellectual reality, where some idea is presented to us that we then think about and make a conscious choice to pursue (or not). But once you […]

Taking Habits from the Panic of 2020

by Jed Brown
person holding pencil and stick note beside table

What habits would be good and right for us to exit the Panic of 2020 with? Good and right habits will be formed and shaped by a heart that is bending toward God, and by an essential stance in life that is humble – that is turned out toward others in self-forgetting love. And then, […]

Habits of Hope

by Jed Brown

We’ve been at this lockdown thing since St. Patrick’s Day – enough time to drop old habits, and pick up new ones. I therefore invite you to begin assessing the habits in your life, and make wise plans for exiting the lockdown with the right ones.  How do we determine if a habit is “right”?  […]