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Numbers 35: True Justice

Introduction Though many details in Numbers 35 are foreign to us, it also reminds us where much of our system of jurisprudence – prudent justice – comes from – the ancient law of God.  The law made a distinction between kinds of sin – there is premeditated murder, and there is manslaughter. Two different crimes, …

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Should I Stay or Should I Stay?

The book of Numbers is often about people of modern-day California, because it’s often about people who grumble about where they live. And therefore we need to consider its ancient lessons, about staying or leaving California. Bumbling Grumbling The book of Numbers follows the Exodus, and by Numbers 20, as the people move through the …

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Grace & Peace – Numbers 12-13

We’re not sure exactly why Miriam is singled out for discipline by God in Numbers, and not her husband (10). But we can guess.  Numbers 12 begins with Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses. The fact that Miriam is mentioned first (1) could be a subtle indicator that she was instigating it. At least on the …

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