Genesis 28

There are two elements from today’s reading, that should be encouraging to us, in the middle of our real life challenges.  The first comes in v. 10-17. Jacob has left his father, on his way to look for a wife among the daughters of his uncle Laban. And along the way, God meets him, in […]

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Genesis 14

Melchizedek is a unique figure in all of Genesis. Where everyone else appears in the middle of some kind of genealogy, Melchizedek seems to appear out of nowhere, bless Abraham and receive a tithe of honor from him, and then disappear again. No genealogy, and never mentioned again. It’s as if he is above the

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Genesis 6

Reading Genesis 6 requires self-control, to keep from getting lost in the weeds, distracted from the author’s main intent.  Who are the “sons of God” (v. 2)? The Nephilim (v. 4)? Were they fallen angels? Or just really big humans, that have since died out? Did the Nephilim have kids? These questions can dazzle us

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