The Bible Reading Challenge

The Pilgrim's Bread

The Bible is not just for learning. The Bible is where we find God, and God Himself is the food our souls need. This is why Jesus is called the Word, and it’s why the Bible likens Jesus to manna from heaven. And this is why the Bible itself says that it is all about Jesus. We read the Bible to be fed with the nourishment our souls need and desire – that is, God Himself, in Christ. 
Now, the problem is that many Christians simply do not read their Bibles. Why? The problem is multifaceted. We are busy; we make it too complicated; we get tired. So we at Grace desire to get back to the basics – to simply read our Bibles. 
Our pastor, Jed Brown, recommends nothing more quick than two chapters a day. If you want to read more, fine, but two chapters a day seems to leave plenty of room for the busy-ness of life, and also time for two other things: 
1. To pray out of the Scriptures that we read. 
2. To read the Bible with others. 
Bible reading is not meant to be a solitary endeavor. The Bible is best understood while reading it, discussing it, and praying over it with others. Thus we strongly recommend 1-to-1 Bible Reading. 
Bible reading is also not meant to be a guilt-inducing endeavor. If you miss a day, don’t go back to yesterday – just receive today’s manna – read today’s reading – no guilt, no fuss. There is truly no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 
So dig into the Word, starting today. 
The two-chapter per day plan is listed below, but so are other plans. 
Also, our pastor writes a daily blog on the reading plan – you can subscribe to it at 

Reading Plans

Check out these options for reading plans.

2 Year Plan

Plans for Various Lengths