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Pillar Passage – Rod to the Backside – Pro. 26:4-5

Christians are always to be nice, right? While we’re are not violent, and may not start the fight, and there are many times we walk away in self-control, there are other times. Times we show the most love by not letting a fool continue in his self-deluded folly. Learn more about how to deal with a fool and the folly he swims in, in this Pillar Passage by Pastor Jed on Proverbs 26:4-5.

If you would prefer to read the transcript, click here.

Questions for review and discussion:

  1. Tell about a time you needed to correct a fool. Did you correct or walk away? What were the results?
  2. How do you handle someone who has resorted to circular logic or bulverism, as Pastor Jed called it?
  3. Where and how is the best way to address the folly that surrounds us every day?

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