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Pillar Passage -Empathy Impossible – Job 3

Experiencing pain is part of the human condition. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all suffer at different times in our lives. God knows we live in a fallen world full of pain. He does ask that we suffer in silence. Listen to this Pillar Passage from Job 3 where we see Job in is suffering and see what he did right, and what we can do next time we, ourselves, are hurting or we want to come alongside another in pain.

If you’d prefer to read the transcript, click here.

Questions for discussion and reflection

What were your thoughts about complaining before hearing the discussion of this passage in Job? Did your views change and if so, how?

Describe a time you had true empathy for another, or a time when sympathy was the only option. What was the impact on you, to walk along in or beside someone’s pain?

How will you now approach someone in pain after hearing this lesson?

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