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Grace & Peace: Numbers 12-13

by Jed Brown
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We’re not sure exactly why Miriam is singled out for discipline by God in Numbers 12, and not her husband (10). But we can guess.  The chapter begins with Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses. The fact that Miriam is mentioned first (1) could be a subtle indicator that she was instigating it. At least […]

From Quarterly Letters to Church Family Meetings

by Jed Brown

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Grace, Historically, Grace Church has sent out a letter each quarter that accompanies giving statements. That letter talks about what’s going on in the church, gives giving numbers, and encourages everyone in their faith. This letter has been useful, and appreciated. But with God giving us this new space, we […]

Why Membership?

by Jed Brown
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We are in the middle of our current membership class, and we are thankful that so many have taken the step to investigate and, Lord willing, pursue membership. It’s therefore a great time to consider church membership – is it a biblical thing? Why have it? 1. Because it pictures the blessed rule of Christ […]

COVID Update – April 2021

by Jed Brown
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I would like to take a moment to update you, on behalf of the elders, regarding our approach to COVID. There have been court decisions, political maneuvers, cowardly censorship, obfuscation by the CDC, and of course, more media spin. But for us, in short, nothing’s changed. That is, we continue our same approach of “smart […]

The Rebel Yell of the Ten Commandments – Exodus 20

by Jed Brown
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Our familiarity with the Ten Commandments – at least Christians – shrouds the fact that it was a “bombshell” when it was first “published”. By the time of Moses, man had devolved from monotheism (one God) to polytheism (many gods). So the book of Genesis was a shout and shot of rebellion against the times: […]

Daddy, Do It Again!

by Jed Brown
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Introduction This past week we began a new facet of worship, one that is quite ancient among the people of God: having our children join us for Communion. I say that this is an ancient practice among the people of God, because of Exodus 12:25-27: Exodus 12:25–27 (ESV): 25 And when you come to the land […]

God With Us, in Our Abominable Dirt – Matthew 1

by Jed Brown

Matthew’s genealogy contains more than meets the eye. Why, for instance, in verse 1, does Matthew refer to Jesus as being the son of Abraham, and David, out of all the people in Jesus’ line? ’Cause Sin We can conclude, for one, that it’s because of sin and suffering. This theme runs through the chapter. […]

“Not My President”

by Jed Brown
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Introduction On Wednesday Joseph Biden was sworn in as your next President, ‘Merica. And the first reply I heard to that was, “Not my president.” Can, should, need a Christian say that? Not every Christian would say that. But for those who feel this inauguration was illegitimate, ignoble, and – since we’re alliterating – illicit and invalid, […]

Standards, Double Standards, and Censorship

by Jed Brown

It was the first question Sasha asked me, after I entered the classroom in Ukraine: “Now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out of the closet, should we continue using Apple products?” I immediately answered, of course! If we stopped using things made by sinners, well, you couldn’t even eat your own breakfast. Yet […]