Grace Groups Discussion Questions

September 25, 2025 

Head Questions

 1. What is the root sin of all other sins? Can you put it in your own words?
 2. Why did David have such a fully-developed understanding of sin? 
 3. What steps did David take to get to the future-oriented optimism of v. 16-18? Where does God’s pursuit of His own glory fit into it?

Heart Questions

 1. Have you felt the way David does in v. 2-11? About what? Care to share?
 2. Do you talk to God the way David does in v. 2-11? Why or why not?

Hands Questions

 1. The challenge was to become psalm-makers ourselves – that’s how we wait. How might you do this? On paper? In a journal? When during the week?
 2. Is there some area of your life where you live as a “functional atheist,” where God is erased not considered? How might you bring God into that sphere of life?
 3. What concrete steps might you take in the coming week to become a better student of sin, in a healthy, life-giving way?