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Standards, Double Standards, and Censorship

It was the first question Sasha asked me, after I entered the classroom in Ukraine: “Now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out of the closet, should we continue using Apple products?” I immediately answered, of course! If we stopped using things made by sinners, well, you couldn’t even eat your own breakfast. Yet […]

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Getting Out There

One of the best ways to meet different people, and show them the winsomeness of Christ is to get involved in community boards and teams.  This can be so powerful for the simple fact that many people have never met – in their entire life – a gospel-transformed Christian. Never. Ever. Can you imagine that? […]

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Small Town Wisdom for Post-Election Reflection

Now that the hot political season is basically behind us – at the time of this writing, Biden will most likely be sworn in as President – some reflection would do us some good. “Us” being the church.  GK, Hit Me The church is one animal with lots of different spots. But those spots are […]

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The Dragon Awaited the Christmas Baby

One place we don’t often look for images of Christmas is the book of Revelation. But one of the most graphic representations of Christmas – one you will never see in any nativity scene – is right there, in chapter 12.  But perhaps it should be in every nativity scene, because it graphically represents what […]

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Resources for Advent

“Advent” is the season in which we “prepare” ourselves afresh for the coming of Christ to earth. As Isaiah prophesied that John the Baptist would do: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord,  make his paths straight,’ ” (Mark 1:3) Advent is the season when we walk afresh in the steps of John’s message. In those days, when […]