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A Prayer for the New Year

It’s been quite a year, for all of us. And though it’s not quite over, I thought this old Puritan prayer, from The Valley of Vision was fitting for us right now: “O Lord, We launch our bark on the unknown waters of this year: With Thee, O Father as our harbour, Thee, O Son, at our […]

Deciding Whether to Gather for Thanksgiving

Note: After posting the article below, the Sacramento County Health Department made a comment similar in spirit to that of Sheriff Scott: “Sacramento County has continued to take an education over enforcement stance with the local public health order.” You can read that here: In light of the Governor’s (now densely hypocritical) limiting of […]

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Counting No Toilet Paper “All Joy” – James 1

Introduction The lack of toilet paper at Costco tells the story: we may be headed for more stringent lockdowns soon. Trials of a certain kind may return. Yes James still says, tersely, directly, in James 1: “Count it all joy.” Perhaps there’s joy to be had in a protracted lockdown after all? It Depends . […]

Our Approach to Worship This Week – Nov. 6, 2020

Greetings! I’m writing to tell you about our plan for indoor worship this Sunday. As always, the elders will review our approach on Sunday night. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. We know that there is a spectrum of opinion regarding COVID itself, and the government’s lockdown. At the same […]

After the Chicken Lays the Egg

Our republic chicken has laid its electoral egg. The question remains of what will appear once it’s cracked. We fear the taste of the breakfast that will be put before us soon, and the racket in the kitchen. As we wait for whatever the short-order legal cooks will bring out (and to put this strung-out […]